Wednesday, April 6, 2011

treehouses for BIG kids

since childhood ive always been fascinated by trees; their beauty, scale, diversity. my sisters and i used to spend countless hours on summer nights in the front yard with the good ol' pine tree; climbing branches, relaxing in its shade, collecting pine cones, throwing said pine cones at neighbor boy :/...

check out these amazing modern-day tree houses for BIG kids:
pear treehouse by german architectural firm, baumraum.  i wanna play!
2,500 sq ft steel "tree" house in gorg tahoe! from tahoe life of luxury.  modern beauty.
redwoods treehouse restaurant in new zealand. this once operating (now closed-til-further-notice) restaurant was built by pacific environments architects.  sustainable + INCREDIBLE!
4treehouse by lukasz kos. featured in dwell.  WOW!
go climb a tree/plant a tree/hug a tree/build a house in a tree!


  1. These are incredible! I always wished for a tree house as well growing up, but never dreamed up anything this amazing!

  2. aren't they so fun?!

    thanks for stopping by kate, we enjoy your blog as well!

    xo l+f