Sunday, February 5, 2012

light bright idea.'s been a whirl-wind for shannie and i the last several months. but we are back at it...doing what we love. putting together pieces that inspire us and sharing them with you.  

EarthSeaWarrior's brooklyn boutique (on etsy)
"EarthSeaWarrior by ursula is a unique boutique specializing in the reconstruction of paleontological artifacts and industrial relics. ursula seriously fancies the use of specimens left behind by nature and/or machine and uses these curiosities to redesign oddities for the neo-nostalgic collector." 
i couldn't have said it better myself. layman's terms: cool industrial + science nerdy things. :)
(please refrain from buying this as it's on by bday wish list. thanks! ;) my future home needs this!)

more cool finds from her site:
oooh ok i basically have this (bought an old brass lamp at the alameda flea last month), just need to switch out for a neon cord and maybe add a little paint. project time!

on her site you can also design a custom hanging light. pick your size, color, etc. single or clustered these are pretty cool.

agate with an air plant. science geeky and i love it!

and in honor of february...both shanners and mine (uhhh grammar help please!?) birthday month...our birthstone/amethyst geode with a lil succulent. cute! 
sleep tight.   tosh

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

the art of layering

i recently did some super fun styling for designer KERRY CASSILL and her upcoming summer bedding collections...lots of layering, print, pattern, color and texture...

and today i discovered this clip of KIM FICARO, freelance stylist for WEST ELM, showing us how it's done...

layer it up, don't try too hard...and most importantly, have fun!

xo shanners