Wednesday, March 21, 2012

spring fever

yesterday marked the first official day of spring, so i knew it was time to put up one of my favorite pics from our files....
photo by RECYCLART
ah, the excitement for summer to come....
the top reasons why us lost + found'ers looooove spring:
road trips, adventure, camping, bike rides and beach days
 the above photos are from my PINTEREST account, which will provide the original source for each photo. feel free to follow!! 

 xo shanners

Friday, March 9, 2012

happy friday

 don't you just love it when the weatherman calls for "abundant sunshine"?! great weather all along the coast this weekend, enjoy this little slice of know we will!!

xo l +f

Thursday, March 8, 2012


not sure if you've noticed, but we are now based between both san francisco and laguna beach...

we are still trying to put our energy into lost + found between our busy work lives, creative lives, and all of our hobbies and adventures...yet somehow we managed to squeeze in an excellent visit to palm springs 2 weeks ago!
we recently signed ourselves up for a fun bike ride in july from SEATTLE TO PORTLAND. it's a two-day 200 mile ride and we are soooo excited! it's going to be really intense, but following standard shanners and toshie fashion, our goal is to have fun, smiles all the way! although we'll need all the right technical gear for our ride, it has been really fun to look at all the accessories out there for riding around, here are a few of our favorites....

which one is your must have?! 
xo l + f

Thursday, March 1, 2012

anna bond & villa nova

so we're pretty big fans of anna bond's prints from RIFLE PAPER, really big fans. our favorite part about her work is that you can ALWAYS tell it's her's! she is so consistent with her flowers, colors, and fonts throughout every are our top 3 fave items for today:
and we just discovered yesterday that she has a new collection for VILLA NOVA using her distinct floral prints...kinda fun if you want to add a lil pop of color and print into your room!
 xo l + f