Wednesday, April 25, 2012


multi-faceted personalities are something shanners and i have in common...and probably one of the reasons we get along SO well. we will go anywhere, eat anything, try everything! we love gettin all gussied up for an art opening/show just as much as roughing it in the woods for a week. on friday nights you can find us cuddled up and cozy with those we love or cuttin a rug at local concert. we cook, hike, surf (or TRY), camp, treasure hunt, are concert and museum-goers, create/craft, read, love the sunshine and people, love "me" time, are vintage junkies, travelers, cyclists (uhh...working on this one STAT), etc. ETC. some might call it confused...or say we suffer from A.D.D (which trust me, we do at times!), but multi-faceted sounds much more glamorous.

ok blah blah ;) getting to the goods:  some cool faceted pieces for you and your home.

from etsy
love these! from we heart

from etsy
from etsy

ring box. i do! from etsy
tealight holders. from plumo
now that's a wall! more info + images
discover something new today!: take that turn on your fav trail you've never tried, eat a snail, put on heels you dont think you can walk in, chat with your postman/woman. maybe you'll discover a new facet of your personality.