Wednesday, April 25, 2012


multi-faceted personalities are something shanners and i have in common...and probably one of the reasons we get along SO well. we will go anywhere, eat anything, try everything! we love gettin all gussied up for an art opening/show just as much as roughing it in the woods for a week. on friday nights you can find us cuddled up and cozy with those we love or cuttin a rug at local concert. we cook, hike, surf (or TRY), camp, treasure hunt, are concert and museum-goers, create/craft, read, love the sunshine and people, love "me" time, are vintage junkies, travelers, cyclists (uhh...working on this one STAT), etc. ETC. some might call it confused...or say we suffer from A.D.D (which trust me, we do at times!), but multi-faceted sounds much more glamorous.

ok blah blah ;) getting to the goods:  some cool faceted pieces for you and your home.

from etsy
love these! from we heart

from etsy
from etsy

ring box. i do! from etsy
tealight holders. from plumo
now that's a wall! more info + images
discover something new today!: take that turn on your fav trail you've never tried, eat a snail, put on heels you dont think you can walk in, chat with your postman/woman. maybe you'll discover a new facet of your personality.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

spring fever

yesterday marked the first official day of spring, so i knew it was time to put up one of my favorite pics from our files....
photo by RECYCLART
ah, the excitement for summer to come....
the top reasons why us lost + found'ers looooove spring:
road trips, adventure, camping, bike rides and beach days
 the above photos are from my PINTEREST account, which will provide the original source for each photo. feel free to follow!! 

 xo shanners

Friday, March 9, 2012

happy friday

 don't you just love it when the weatherman calls for "abundant sunshine"?! great weather all along the coast this weekend, enjoy this little slice of know we will!!

xo l +f

Thursday, March 8, 2012


not sure if you've noticed, but we are now based between both san francisco and laguna beach...

we are still trying to put our energy into lost + found between our busy work lives, creative lives, and all of our hobbies and adventures...yet somehow we managed to squeeze in an excellent visit to palm springs 2 weeks ago!
we recently signed ourselves up for a fun bike ride in july from SEATTLE TO PORTLAND. it's a two-day 200 mile ride and we are soooo excited! it's going to be really intense, but following standard shanners and toshie fashion, our goal is to have fun, smiles all the way! although we'll need all the right technical gear for our ride, it has been really fun to look at all the accessories out there for riding around, here are a few of our favorites....

which one is your must have?! 
xo l + f

Thursday, March 1, 2012

anna bond & villa nova

so we're pretty big fans of anna bond's prints from RIFLE PAPER, really big fans. our favorite part about her work is that you can ALWAYS tell it's her's! she is so consistent with her flowers, colors, and fonts throughout every are our top 3 fave items for today:
and we just discovered yesterday that she has a new collection for VILLA NOVA using her distinct floral prints...kinda fun if you want to add a lil pop of color and print into your room!
 xo l + f

Sunday, February 5, 2012

light bright idea.'s been a whirl-wind for shannie and i the last several months. but we are back at it...doing what we love. putting together pieces that inspire us and sharing them with you.  

EarthSeaWarrior's brooklyn boutique (on etsy)
"EarthSeaWarrior by ursula is a unique boutique specializing in the reconstruction of paleontological artifacts and industrial relics. ursula seriously fancies the use of specimens left behind by nature and/or machine and uses these curiosities to redesign oddities for the neo-nostalgic collector." 
i couldn't have said it better myself. layman's terms: cool industrial + science nerdy things. :)
(please refrain from buying this as it's on by bday wish list. thanks! ;) my future home needs this!)

more cool finds from her site:
oooh ok i basically have this (bought an old brass lamp at the alameda flea last month), just need to switch out for a neon cord and maybe add a little paint. project time!

on her site you can also design a custom hanging light. pick your size, color, etc. single or clustered these are pretty cool.

agate with an air plant. science geeky and i love it!

and in honor of february...both shanners and mine (uhhh grammar help please!?) birthday month...our birthstone/amethyst geode with a lil succulent. cute! 
sleep tight.   tosh

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

the art of layering

i recently did some super fun styling for designer KERRY CASSILL and her upcoming summer bedding collections...lots of layering, print, pattern, color and texture...

and today i discovered this clip of KIM FICARO, freelance stylist for WEST ELM, showing us how it's done...

layer it up, don't try too hard...and most importantly, have fun!

xo shanners

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

inspiration: zigzag

i don't know about you guys, and i might actually punch myself later for saying this, but...i'm kind of over ikat. well, maybe not over it, but just a little tired of seeing it absolutely everywhere. i mean, don't get me wrong, there are some really great patterns and excellent color combinations, but maybe i've just seen tooooo much of it lately... 

right now, i much prefer zigzags...clean lines, a nice pop of pattern and color yet not overwhelming, and totally about you? 

...i might already be eating my words...kinda loving this combination of zigzag AND ikat...sheesh!
source unknown

xo shanners

Thursday, November 10, 2011


in just the past few days the weather has completely changed and it is officially fall!

tosh and i are taking a little roadtrip down to southern california tomorrow and we're looking forward to a gorgeous sunrise drive, good music, my very first in n out burger, and some good laughs!

fall happens to be my favorite season...the changing of the leaves, the falling of the leaves, the stomping on the leaves...the vibrant colors of the sunrise and sunsets, cool crisp air, the smell of a fire going, cozying up with a warm blanket and a, beanies, down jackets, excitement for winter snow trips...i love it all!

pic by me
love leah duncan's work! 
another by me
awesome diy leather pinecone 
love this leaf crown, too cute!
great for the holidays: west elm

xo shanners