Wednesday, August 31, 2011

hello/christopher bettig

hi friends! how neat is this?
 designed by CHRISTOPHER BETTIG, this unique woodworking is a permanent fixture you can find inside HELLO, sister store to CANDY COLLECTIVE
a store local to sf, HELLO is a collection of men's and women's clothing, home goods, gifts and jewelry, focusing on independent design

hmmm, i think we might need to try and make something like this, dontcha agree?! 

Monday, August 29, 2011

pre-fabulous in montana!

inhabitat presents gorgeous ruby springs, montana prefab home...and i fell in love and had to share!

ill be seeing this one in my dreams...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

lets go to bed.

anyone who knows me, knows how much i love my sleep and my bed.  anyone who knows me WELL, knows that i am a terrbile sleeper and have suffered from insomnia on and off for the past 10 years.  you'd think that after a crazy sleepless weekend in vegas for bestie's bachelorette and then being startled awake by last night's tremor, that id have no problem sleeping tonight...i wish that were the case!  maybe i need a little inspiration:

prefctly messy romp-ready bed.  greige design.
cloudlike ruffles...zzzz.  urban outfitters. 
the girly girl in me.  left coast luxe.
draped luxe!  lonny mag.
walnut+navy is a pretty gooood combo. mmmm manly. room & board.
love the color! this is glamorous.
true blue. merchant design.
suuuure. okie! (lost where it's from...but i want to be there!)
get in my bed...? damn. ;)  killeh.
on that note, sweet dreams my friends.  zzzZZZzzzzzz.......

Monday, August 22, 2011

photobooth sf

on saturday evening, my friend monica and i went by the opening party for photoboothsf, a destination to have super fun polaroid or tintype portraits taken...make sure to stop by and check it out: 1193 valencia, right next to beretta...mmmm!! 
tintype photos are officially my fave. everyone's eyes look so amazing! 
the polaroids were pretty great too! 
in the gallery you can of course have your photo taken, check out their refurbished polaroid cameras, film from the impossible project, lomography toy cameras, and in the future, there will be other events and photo classes! 

planing on a fun lil photo sesh with monica next week. pictures to come! 

xx shanners

Friday, August 19, 2011

serena mitnik-miller

on a colder, gloomy day like today, we often find ourselves digging through our photo files for inspiration...and we come across the talents of serena mitnik-miller. then, we remember that we had a pending post months ago...but never posted it, oops!! how could we let this one slip away?! 
we just love the use of colors and shapes that get us so excited for summer! yes, we are still talking about  "summer"...fingers crossed it comes soon! 
you can check out her designs on her website...paintings, print, photos...
her designs are also found at mollusk... 
and she also runs general store with her husbnad, one of our faves, which has a lovely assortment of arts and crafts...
oh, and she has collaborated with quiksilver to create an awesome line inspired by her work...
talk about talent, enjoy! and have a great weekend! 
xo l + f

Friday, August 12, 2011

happy friday...beach bound

it sounds so funny to say this in the middle of august, but i am really looking forward to summer in sf! i got a little taste of it during my visit to laguna earlier this month and am getting excited for warm weather, beach days, and september for this weekend, we are heading to bolinas with some friends for a lil fun in the sun tomorrow! mini road trip, picnic, doggies, SUN and surf...
some sunspiration for the weekend.....
and it wouldn't be a day trip to bolinas without a bolinas suit by the fabulous new line seea...form AND function, love it! 
have a wonderful weekend! 
xo lost + found

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

flea market finds

sunday was an adventure-filled visit to the alameda flea market  + we found some goodies! well, we're not going to give it away just yet, because of course there's some repurposing and refurbishing that needs to be done! here are a few finds we couldn't wait to share:

lost + found!
man in van attempting to stay warm covered in carpets!
we love these! living art.
busts + wood. ;)
digging this cool conglomeration of stuff.
frenchie. rustic. ooh la la.
we had so much fun goofing off while gathering goodies!! can't wait to get started on some projects!

xo l+f

pia ulin.

googled "interior design photography" for inspiration and found it. here. pia ulin. talk about inspiring!! jeez and of COURSE i have to come across this at midnight so now instead of getting sleepy and slipping into dream land, my heart is racing and mind buzzing.  check out pia ulin's FANTASTIC interior photography...(but at your own risk of losing sleep) (and wow there's a slew of images here...i could NOT STOP)

and she was co-written this book, nesting, which showcases homes as they are meant to be...liven in.  these are real life homes. unstaged. real. showing only the residents own pieces.  i love this concept!

ok...sooooo i would officially die happy (VERY happy) if i could ever design a space worthy of this talented lady's photography.  im blown away. im going to calm down, breathe slow, and zzzZZZzzzz...
sweet dreams. ♥ tosh