Tuesday, August 9, 2011

pia ulin.

googled "interior design photography" for inspiration and found it. here. pia ulin. talk about inspiring!! jeez and of COURSE i have to come across this at midnight so now instead of getting sleepy and slipping into dream land, my heart is racing and mind buzzing.  check out pia ulin's FANTASTIC interior photography...(but at your own risk of losing sleep) (and wow there's a slew of images here...i could NOT STOP)

and she was co-written this book, nesting, which showcases homes as they are meant to be...liven in.  these are real life homes. unstaged. real. showing only the residents own pieces.  i love this concept!

ok...sooooo i would officially die happy (VERY happy) if i could ever design a space worthy of this talented lady's photography.  im blown away.  and...now im going to calm down, breathe slow, and zzzZZZzzzz...
sweet dreams. ♥ tosh

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