Wednesday, August 24, 2011

lets go to bed.

anyone who knows me, knows how much i love my sleep and my bed.  anyone who knows me WELL, knows that i am a terrbile sleeper and have suffered from insomnia on and off for the past 10 years.  you'd think that after a crazy sleepless weekend in vegas for bestie's bachelorette and then being startled awake by last night's tremor, that id have no problem sleeping tonight...i wish that were the case!  maybe i need a little inspiration:

prefctly messy romp-ready bed.  greige design.
cloudlike ruffles...zzzz.  urban outfitters. 
the girly girl in me.  left coast luxe.
draped luxe!  lonny mag.
walnut+navy is a pretty gooood combo. mmmm manly. room & board.
love the color! this is glamorous.
true blue. merchant design.
suuuure. okie! (lost where it's from...but i want to be there!)
get in my bed...? damn. ;)  killeh.
on that note, sweet dreams my friends.  zzzZZZzzzzzz.......

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