Friday, April 1, 2011

let us introduce ourselves...

welcome to lost + found!
this is just the beginning of an exciting venture...

lost + found is the dream and vision of natasha and shannon.

lost + found is a creative outlet to share and express our passion for interior design, love for arts and crafts, and commitment to environmental responsibility. natasha has a background in interior design both through education and professional experiences, while shannon has been working in visual merchandising for 10 years. we met at anthropologie last year where we both worked a short stint and have been supporting and encouraging each other's ideas since.  our shared passion for design and the outdoors, driven attitudes, like-minded entrepreneurial spirits, and complimentary design aesthetic lead naturally to the decision for us to collaborate on this project!

please follow us on this journey as we get lost in design and find and share inspirational pieces, stories, projects and ideas!

love, natasha + shannon


  1. Congratulations, ladies! The best of luck to you in this new endeavour! :)

  2. sanja, thank you so much for following us and for joining us on our adventure! xo

  3. Just found you, looking forward to reading more!
    Welcome to the Blog-world from one Natasha to another :) ... and to you as well Shannon!!

    Northern Light