Monday, April 11, 2011

picnic perfect

no better time than spring for a little picnic.  sun in shining.  trees are blooming.  grass is green.
here are some gorgeous + earth friendly picnic-inspired goodies:
eco-friendly outdoor dining picnic-style.  CB2.
vintage picnic basket. etsy: rustic creek.  LOVE this!
dinnerware from made from fallen palm leaves + h2o. nothing, but natural. by VerTerra.  also featured on design squish.
chic + compostable!
biodegradable wooden fork + knife.  cute cutlery from ecoware.

plastic nesting wine glass from REI. stem unscrews and nests in cup portion for easy packing.
honestly, there's nothing id rather drink wine from.  blame it on nostalgia.  :)
how about a kilim rug/throw in place of the cliche red/white checkered blanket? etsy: blue teddy.

stop by vella cheese co. just off the sonoma square.
i highly recommend the mezzo secco and habanero!

sustainable and delicious pork salami from boccalone (whose slogan is "tasty salted pig parts'...kind of awesome!) in the sf ferry building.
also, while you're at it, pick up some fresh produce at the sf ferry building's farmer's market!

and now isn't a winery just the PERFECT setting for that spring picnic?? a fav

buena vista carneros (just outside of sonoma). views are great, picnic tables nestled into old oak trees and amazing wine caves (it's entirely possible you aren't supposed to go in them...oops!)!
enjoy your picnic! cheers :)

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