Monday, April 25, 2011

live in a box

hope you all had a lovely easter!  for me easter means a lot of quality silly time with my sisters, too much champagne, too much sunshine, really yummy food, egg fights (hard-boiled, it's a russian thing), good music, and bad backyard dancing.  such a fun tradtion!

check these out!! pre-fabricated homes in cube form. pretty sweet spaces if you ask me.
these pre-fab spaces from MODERN CABANA (local bay area co.) come in several designs and have floorplans ranging from 120-260 sq ft. so yes, they are small. but small can be sufficient and cozy. they can take as little as a few days or as long as a few months to build, deliver, and assemble. there are also several "green" benefits to this kind of dwelling. the fact that they are pre-fabricated (mass-produced and manufactured locally in a controlled environment) makes them eco-friendly. the small scale results in a lower carbon footprint. the transportable quality of the spaces allow them to be adaptable in function and physical locale as the needs/desires of the owner shifts.

check out SUNSET MAG article and MODERN CABANA'S (local bay area pre-fab box manufacturer) website.

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