Tuesday, October 4, 2011

missing the beach....

woah guys, sorry for the delay! tosh and i have been soooo busy! busy in such a great way though...lots of new job opportunities and projects for both of us, mixed in with a TON of fun! unfortunately, we've been lacking on the posting, and the creativity buzz has somehow temporarily slipped away from both of us, oops! ah well, you can't force it, it'll be back soon...we promise! 

i just enjoyed a lovely weekend in laguna for a friend's wedding, and saw the fam and friends, such a blast as always! i spent sunday at the beach and wow, i sure do miss it...the sound of the waves crashing at night from my bed, sunkissed salty skin, swimming in the water, sand in between my toes.....

fun lil vid for my friend's awesome line SEEA, song by one of my faves, WHITE HINTERLAND

xx shanners

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