Wednesday, September 7, 2011

roadtrip. architecture.

woooah what a whirlwind! i just returned from a week long roadtrip up to seattle + back on monday...i LOVE the open road! there's nothing more refreshing or freeing that being on the road with a gal pal, gps, freshly loaded ipod, bicycles, and no real plan other than to get a taste of some lovely northwest cities! 

we made MANY stops to soak in the sites and sun: shasta lake, ashland, eugene, portland (SUCH a great city...can't wait to go back!), tacoma, and seattle (our final destination and a GORGEOUS water-logged city!).  

there's a lot to share, but ill start with a few samples of impressive architecture that the design-laden northwest has to inspire:

downtown eugene. storefront.
eugene business center floats/reflects water.
library along the way.  if all libraries were this purrrty, id spend more time there.
one of the 10 bridges that zig zag across the willamette river in portland.  this city...i hate to say it...kinda gives sf a run for its money. 
walkway in a quaint section of downtown seattle.
stunning iridescent building in seattle's city center/bumbershoot.
portland + inspiring. now back to reality...fortunately sf is NOT short on inspiration.

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