Wednesday, July 20, 2011

it's a taste test kind of day...

both of us lost + founders love etsy, as seen here, here, here, and here...and one of my favorite things to do is the taste test. i get such varying results every time....
 a great refection of not only my taste, but my mood and the weather, and a great source for inspiration and new talent...
hanging test tube vases by pigeon toe ceramics
frame cinch/6pack holder by walnut studioio
 feather print by groundwork
 recycled grainsack tote from treesizeverse
marigold cloth napkins by pony and poppy
 belt-bag by karen kell
upcycled wood barstools by hammer hand imports

we love seeing the results, send us your faves! 
xo shanners

1 comment:

  1. that is so nuts! Seriously, the internet feels like a teeny-tiny, exclusive club sometimes :) Love that tote by the way!